Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: The Karmic Connection by Libby Mercer

What is the universe up to?
Guilty of nothing other than working too much – or so they say – Adam Stowe is dumped at a “wellness center” in the middle of nowhere by a couple of concerned colleagues. When he meets Lorraine, the beautiful and bewitching yoga instructor, his spirits start to lift, but once he discovers what a flighty fruitcake she is, they drop back down to subterranean levels.
For Lorraine Jameson, Luna Wellness Center was a beacon of solace when her life was falling apart, and she can’t stand the way Adam’s toxic energy is poisoning the peace. He embodies everything negative about the life she discarded eighteen months ago. Despite being fiercely attracted to the arrogant man, she’s determined not to let Adam Stowe anywhere near her heart.
Adam and Lorraine couldn’t be more unsuitable as a potential couple… so why is the universe so dead set on uniting these two?
The Karmic Connection is a different kind of love story with a cast of quirky characters and a mystical, magical New Age-y flavor.
Do you believe that when you meet your soulmate that karma steps in and sends the sparks flying through the roof?  Adam Stowe and Lorraine Jameson don't, but they are about to get hit full force by those sparks flying. 
In Libby Mercer's new novel, The Karmic Connection, she takes workaholic Adam and yogi Lorraine and puts them into one hilarious situation after another.  Adam, clearly annoyed to be forced into a vacation that was not wanted, goes out of his ways to push buttons.  Especially when he sees they are getting a rise out of Lorraine, hiding from her past and not wanting to admit to the attraction she feels for Adam.  Normally I shy away from "Ka-Pow! We are destined to be together" stories, but the author weaves such a clever tale that I couldn't put the book down.  I adored the story of Adam and Lorraine, all their quirks making them all the more appealing. Ms. Mercer gets into the head of her two lead characters, switching smoothly between the point of view of both of them in alternating chapters. She paints the picture of a woman hurt by past actions and scared to open up to the possibility of loving someone that is business driven. Then quickly turns around to show a work-aholic who doesn't know what else to do with himself until he is forced to relax by his boss. The inevitable collision of the two is a thrill ride.  The eccentric characters of Luna Wellness Center help keep Lorraine and Adam from killing each other, while providing humorous distractions along the way.  This was an absolute joy to read, I find myself loving Libby Mercer's voice more and more with each book.  She wrote a fun story full of characters that you could see yourself hanging out with, enjoying some herbal tea and a yoga class. Brava, Libby!  You have another hit on your hands!

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